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Gibson Performance is one of the worlds largest and most respected manufacturers of Catback exhaust systems, headers, Mufflers and exhaust tips. They develop their products with award winning software and in depth research and development to make sure your exhaust system not only lasts but preforms like it should. The use computer controlled CNC mandrel bending machines to insure flow is optimum. They have over 100,000 sq feet of inventory and production space so you know they mean business. Gibson Exhaust Systems are proven to not only sound amazing but flow 20% better than a restrictive OEM pipe. This results in huge power gains in both horsepower and torque. Coupled with a deep aggressive sound that lets others know your truck is far from stock. the split rear systems and dual sport system increase the exhaust note a staggering 5-8 decibels. This allowed you to still be legal in every state including California but toe the line of aggressive sounding systems.

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gibson swept side exhaust system Gibson Delivers its power in the 200-4000 RPM range to give you usable power other exhaust manufacturers like magnaflow or borla claim more gains but they use a higher rpm band usually in the 5000 – 6000 rpm power range. Of course they neglect to mention most street cars and trucks never even get that high in daily use of street vehicles and very seldom with high performance race vehicles.

Among the offerings of Gibson are the following types:

swept side exhaust system
dual sport exhaust system
split rear exhaust system
super truck exhaust system
dual extreme exhaust system
tri-flow exhaust system

swept side exhaust system: This type of exhaust system is by far Gibson’s most popular. It is perfect for towing and truck applications. It uses the popular super flow muffler which offers cost effective performance increases. i produces nice gains low in TQ and HP all while providing a great deep & aggressive exhaust note. This is also the best type of exhaust if you are looking for fuel economy gains from your new system. it features mandrel bent tubing an rough an durable t 304 stainless steel exhaust tip with a large diameter opening that comes polished and looks great.

High performance Gibson exhaust systems

Exhaust is usually considered as tubes inside the combustion engines of a machine, to guide reaction exhaust gases away from controlled combustion, inside the engine. The entire system carries out exhaust gases, and can be made out of one or more exhaust pipes. The exhaust gas then flows through a muffler or a silencer, to reduce the noise produced in the engine. The exhaust pipes are specially designed to carryout the toxic gases produced in the engine, away from the driver of the vehicle or user of the machine. The exhaust pipes also act as heat resistants. The pipes are generally tuned properly, to increase the engine efficiency.

The exhaust system mainly consists of a few components such as headers, header back, turbo back, catalytic convertor, cat back, tail pipe and a tip.

There are many good exhausts found in the market. By far, one of the best exhaust systems is certainly the Gibson exhaust. The sound of an exhaust system can really change the image of your vehicle. A good exhaust system not only reduces the noise made by your machine, but a free flowing exhaust can also improve the torque and the horse power of the machine. Gibson exhaust is not only one of the high performance exhausts available, but it is also very much cost effective. Gibson exhaust is made of T-304 stainless steel, and it also comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Each component of Gibson exhaust is totally bolt on, and does not need any welding. This particular system even comes with all the hardware necessary, to install it. Gibson exhaust also includes well developed superflow CFT performance mufflers. The system also provides more air flow, and a more aggressive exhaust tone. Gibson exhaust can certainly improve exhaust efficiency to a great extent.

It is also very much easy to install. Just slide under your vehicle and then place the exhaust on top of the 4 jack stands. Then, place the an exhaust gasket between the exhaust system and the catalytic convertor, gently press the exhaust pipe into the convertor, and thread it to the convertor bolts, and tighten the exhaust bolts. After that, carefully slide the exhaust piping hangers into the exhaust hanger under the vehicle, and thread the O2 sensor into the Gibson exhaust. In the end, simply connect the electrical wiring to the O2 sensor.

Gibson exhaust not only delivers high performance, but is also very much reasonably priced. The prices usually range from $303.95 to $886.95. If you are looking for high performance exhaust solution, then Gibson exhaust is certainly one of the best choices, for you to opt for.